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Coffee of the week at Coffee Worx Espresso Bar Christchurch

Each week we try and showcase one of our coffee blends to you at our Coffee Worx Espresso Bar in Wigram at 60 Hayton Road. 

Our Espresso bar is nestled in the industrial area and serves both local workers, commuters and shoppers from the Wigram Pantry Collective.

Having a coffee of the week gives you, the coffee drinker, a chance to try something different.  Just ask one of our friendly baristas to make your coffee of choice with the coffee of the week.  Change is good right!   All of our coffee blends are available for you to take home as beans or we can grind them for you while you wait. 

This week and next we have our ethically traded coffee La Mai available. La Mai coffee comes from Thailand and we partner with the charity Bright Hope to support ethically traded coffee by partnering with the hill tribes in Chang Mai to grow their coffee for a fair return.  This discourages them from growing opium for the drug trade and selling their daughters into the sex trade.  This is a light and slightly fruity blend that yields delicate notes and great  flavour with a slightly sweet finish. If you have a café or organisation that would like to support this great cause through La Mai coffee, then please contact us about our wholesale supply and support. 

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All of our blends are available to purchase online as well as in store and watch out for them being highlighted as coffee of the fortnight for a taste test.  Here is a quick snippet of what to expect from just some of our Coffee Worx blends:
Midnight – smoother than Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and sweeter than sugar, our roasters embraced the opportunity to create dazzling Midnight. This one aims to please all different types of coffee lovers. The flavour slithers its way through every taste bud with its sweet chocolate flavour. The richness of beans combined gives a fantastic smooth long lasting flavour which gives no doubt as to why this is one of our most popular blends and a gold and silver medal!

Krakatoa – this stunning blend will get you going as soon as the decadent flavours hit your pallet. The intensity of its strength and boldness will cure that long waiting desire for your morning coffee! Krakatoa is one of our strong blends with a cute citrus texture then rounds up with a fuller caramelised aftertaste lingering on your taste buds. Best recommended in an iced americano, long black or cinnamon topped cappuccino. 

Pure- a decadent creamy blend that has 50% less caffeine. Our roaster had a creative charm in him when he decided to roast this gorgeous blend of caffeine which is commonly purchased by our new mummies or those that don’t fancy a strong coffee. 

Picasso – our roasters worked hard to create this divine smooth blend mixing Caribbean and South American beans to stay lingering on a coffee lovers tongue. Rated as one of our stronger blends, Picasso is a fine masterpiece that makes long black drinkers keep wanting more!


Vesuvius – this is our strong coffee roast that is a café winner and received a silver medal at the New Zealand coffee awards.  It has enhanced flavours of fruits portraying great acidity, moving through with a surprising smooth after taste.  Recommended coffee is a long espresso or flat white.

We also have the introduction of our popular coffee pods, which are compatible with most pod machines, including Nespresso. Our pods are available in our Dark Italian and Tropical Storm blends. 

All of our coffee blends are also available to the wholesale market and we offer a highly successful partnership of customer care and support to many cafes in Christchurch and New Zealand.  If you need any more information on wholesale supply, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Deb or Ian here at Coffeeworx.

We gain immense satisfaction from helping customers to enjoy coffee in a way that makes them uniquely happy. 

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