Coffee Worx trading in Lockdown

We like many businesses have been deeply affected by the Government lockdown.  Hospitality by its very nature is about bringing people together and enjoying the social aspect of eating and drinking.  This is a very tough time for our industry and our hearts go out to our regulars who have always been able to rely on us in hard times to be a smiling face, a listening ear and an encouraging word .  We are having to adapt rapidly to the changing compliance, and we are working hard to make getting your favourite coffee and food indulgence available, in a contactless platform.  You can continue to purchase your retail coffee for home by going to our online shop, ordering your favourite blend and paying online.
For Rangiora Coffee Worx please put in postcode 7400, which will allow you to choose the pickup option. For Christchurch choose the pickup option from the Hayton Road Espresso Bar.


We will be open and trading the cafes for Takeaway coffee and food throughout Level 3 by making several purchase and pickup options available.  If you have a Coffee Worx VIP card you can go online to our website www.coffeeworx.co.nz and prepay on your card.  This will allow you to use your card for payment at the point of purchase (you will have to order by phone or text) and still earn reward points (please enquire by email if you would like to join our VIP programme to deb@coffeeworx.co.nz).   You can also phone or text the cafes, make your order and pay by PayWave on pickup.  Alternatively we will be using the Bopple App for ease of ordering, please download the App and search for Coffee Worx.

Our opening hours will be:
Rangiora:  7.30am-3.30pm weekdays and 8am -4pm weekends.
Phone 4233243 or text 0211838886
Hayton Road: 7.00am – 2pm Weekdays. 
Phone 3415474 or text 02108579697

Deb and Ian

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