coffee gifts

Gift Ideas for the Coffee Addict at Coffee Worx

Christmas is all but upon us and we have some fantastic gift ideas for the coffee addict.

For sale at both our Rangiora Roastery Cafe and our Hayton Road Espresso Bar.

coffee gifts

They range from a one cup drip filter and a stove top espresso, both of which make great gifts for someone that enjoys coffee outdoors, perhaps on their summer camping trips.  For the more hardcore coffee addict we have coffee knock boxes, hand grinders, tamper stands and chocolate shakers.  Then for the everyday coffee drinker we have our very popular and environmentally sensitive reusable Coffee Worx cups which we will fill for free for the first time.

coffee gifts

For those of you that are new to our brand we are Canterbury based Coffee Roasters Christchurch with a cafe in Rangiora and an espresso bar is Sockburn, Christchurch.  We produce premium blends of coffee for wholesale supply and distribution around the South Island of New Zealand.  We are one of the few locally owned coffee roasters left in Christchurch, as many of the established brands have been sold to Multi-nationals.

We pride ourselves on our long-term commitment to the Christchurch hospitality scene with over 20 years’ experience in the coffee industry.  Coffee Worx is owned and operated by Deb and Ian Riach who are veterans in the dynamic coffee industry in Canterbury.

reusable coffee cup

Our roastery cafe is out in Rangiora and Josh is often seen roasting and blending our coffee’s, however I’m told the smell that wafts around Rangiora gives away when we are roasting our coffee beans. Our wholesale distribution centre is in Sockburn, Hayton Road and attached to that is our funky industrial espresso bar.

Pop on in to purchase any of the above coffee gifts and a very Merry Christmas to all of our loyal customers and coffee drinkers.

Ian and Deb Riach, Coffee Worx

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