eclipse bagel

July specials at Coffee Worx Espresso Bar Christchurch

We are excited to share what we have in store for July at our Coffee Worx Espresso Bar in Wigram Christchurch….. 


Bagel of the week: 
Sundried tomato and cream cheese pesto, smoked chicken, avocado, lettuce topped with mayo, bonded together in a delicious bagel flavoured to your choice from the selection. GF available on request. 

eclipse bagel
The Eclipse Bagel

July’s Hot Drink: 
**Double Choc Chip Cookie**
Have the milk and the cookie, but deliciously decadent in a hot soothing drink! And to make winter feel even more soothing, ask for the extra cream and enjoy it in a more desert fashion! 

Coffee of July:
**La Mai**
Haere Mai for La Mai. Provides a clean, smooth, and rounded linger. Almost fruity, but holds its acidity well. Change it up, ask for La Mai. Head to the retail, and get yourself a 10% bargain off La Mai beans, or ask one of our staff to grind it for you to your needs. 

See more in store! Open Monday to Friday – 6:30am to 3pm!

We gain immense satisfaction from helping customers to enjoy coffee in a way that makes them uniquely happy. If you have any questions regarding supply or catering or even a general coffee question then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us.

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