Barista Training

Our intensive Barista Training Programme is available to our commercial customers and is run by one of the Coffee Worx owners who has many years of valuable hands-on experience in the cafe industry.

We train onsite free of charge at a time suitable to you and our aim is to ensure that you produce the best quality espresso, contributing to your on-going business success. We believe that your success is ultimately our success and are committed to meeting all of your business needs where coffee is concerned.

Making good espresso coffee does require practice and making it well under pressure can be a real challenge.

However for the passionate barista it’s truly rewarding to know that every cup you send out goes with that little bit of ‘love’ that can really make someone’s experience special. The customers will appreciate the time you have taken to be expertly trained and the confidence of your staff will soar once they grasp the basics and realise all that’s left is practice, practice, practice!

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