Training with Coffee Worx

Training with Coffee Worx


Coffee Worx, coffee roasters in Christchurch and Rangiora, has a reputation in the market for providing professional easy to understand coffee training for the outlets we supply.

We believe that having a really good understanding of espresso making and learning to apply these principals consistently, leads to success for the barista and the business.  This ultimately leads to the business being successful in appealing to a discerning coffee drinking market.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a barista.  It takes a genuine interest in coffee making, a personal love for coffee, lots of practice and a very sound understanding of what makes excellent coffee to be able to say you are a barista.  Too many people think it is any easy holiday job that they will just pick up, not understanding that a true barista is an artisan, working at their art day in and day out, before they can be recognised as a professional.

It is important to continue to upskill and keep learning from others around you.  After more than 20 years in the industry, I am always on the look out for new tips and tricks to help new barista’s be more successful and more experienced barista’s to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the grinding process, or extraction, or possibly looking for an improvement in their milk steaming and pouring skills.

Our philosophy is that our success depends on the success of the outlets we supply.  We do the best job we can of selecting, blending and roasting our premium coffee and the outlets need to do the best job they can of producing excellent quality espresso every day.

We have recently trained up the team from Meccanno Coffee with their coffee cart and continue to offer them support and advise in regards to anything coffee and business related wherever possible as well as supplying them with freshly roasted Coffee Worx coffee beans.  Our coffee at Coffee Worx is roasted daily by our own coffee roastery in Rangiora with the highest quality Arabica beans.

Meccanno Coffee Cart

If you would like to get in touch or have any questions regarding your wholesale coffee supply or need some training then please do not hesitate to contact Deb or Ian here at Coffeeworx.  We offer a highly successful partnership of customer care and support to many cafe’s in Christchurch and New Zealand.  Our distribution centre is based in Sockburn, Christchurch and our coffee roastery is based in Rangiora, North Canterbury.  All of our details can be found on our website and we look forward to hearing from you and good luck in your coffee adventures.


Ian and Deb

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