Caferina - PC Series Coffee Brewing Urns

Caferina PC Series – Coffee Brewing Urns

Coffee Brewing Urns

  • Stainless Steel “Deep Drawing” container
  • Second heating system for keeping coffee warm after brewing cycle
  • Can used as Coffee Percolator and as Water Boiler
  • 9 Litre, 12 Litre and 15 Litre capacities available
  • Safety “Re-Set” Button function
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ModelPC 167PC 188PC 190
Wattage (230V)1500W
Brewing Capacity6 Litre12 Litre15 Litre
Brewing Temp94-95°C
Brewing Time23 – 35 mins
Diameter of Urn22.5cm28.0cm28.0cm
Max. Width29.0cm33.5cm33.5cm
Max. Height46.0cm52.0cm59.0cm
Net Weight3.9kg5.5kg5.8kg